Color Measurement and Digital Color Management 
Free Webinar Series, starting April 21, 10am ET/16 h CET

Ready to join our free webinars and build extensive knowledge in digital color management? Datacolor offers you three series of free webinars with the following topics: color theory, digital color management and user tips.

Color theory for everyone

What do object properties, a specific light source or even differences in human eyesight have to do with color? How do you communicate objectively about a color? What about L*, a* and b* values, and what is Delta E? And what tools can you use to evaluate color tolerances?

Subscribe to the Datacolor color theory webinar series starting April 21 to find the answers to these (and many more!) questions.

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Digital color management fundamentals

Interested in acquiring digital color management knowledge? Let us take you on a tour of all the important aspects of digital color management!
Topics include:
  • how to properly use and maintain your spectrophotometer for the highest sample measurement accuracy
  • setting up a successful color evaluation process
  • sample measurement do’s and don’ts
  • specific sample properties like whiteness and fluorescence.

All in all, a wide range of topics you can choose from to broaden your knowledge on digital color management!

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User tips for improving your daily workflow

Whether you are a seasoned user of Datacolor software or a newbie, everyone can probably benefit from the insights of our Datacolor specialists. In this series, we will be demonstrating tips and tricks in these areas:
    • Datacolor Match Pigment
      • Introductory to Datacolor Match Pigment
      • Use of product line maintenance for Matching
      • Am I using the right pigment to match the Target
      • Advanced Search and Correct methodology
      • Using film thickness while matching
      • And much more
    • Datacolor Tools
      • Introductory to Datacolor Tools
      • How to use Datacolor Tools in the pigment industry
    • Retail Paint Point of Sale (POS)
      • Introduction to Datacolor Paint
      • Use cases for Datacolor ColorReader in the retail store
      • Best practice for sample measurement in the store
      • How to maintain your measurement instrument
      • Dispensing best practice
      • And much more

There are plenty of reasons to register for this complimentary series of webinars!

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