Webinar series on colour management workflow in

DxO PhotoLab 7

Datacolor, together with DxO Labs, is hosting a free, 2-part webinar series presented by author and landscape photographer Robin Whalley. In the series, Whalley demonstrates the foundations of color management in the photographic printing process.

Webinar 1: The Fine Art Print for Amateur Photographers This webinar explains the foundations of color management in the photographic print process. It’s designed to help amateur photographers interested in producing high-quality fine art prints using either an inkjet printer or a Photo Lab.

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Webinar 2: Exporting and Printing Images with DxO PhotoLab This webinar explains the workflow for editing and printing images using DxO PhotoLab and Datacolor products. It is geared for the amateur photographer, focusing on the foundations of color management for printing, along with illustrating how to achieve consistent color results whether printing at home or using a photo lab.

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