Ease your daily workflow with Datacolor Tools 2.4

Datacolor Tools 2.4 is now available. This means, it is time to say goodbye to your old Tools software. As of November 29, 2019, Datacolor will cease the support of Tools version 1.x.

No matter what version of Datacolor Tools you have, there are good reasons to upgrade to the latest release:

  1. Get more done faster - new Lite mode option with streamlined functionality improves the speed and performance when importing and exporting data
  2. Easy to use – now you can simplify your daily workflow
    1. Modern and flexible user interface that you can customize for your specific needs
    2. More ways to visualize and analyze data with dynamic 3D color space plots and accurate product image display ​
    3. Streamlined functionalities in the new lite mode greatly improves the speed and performance
  3. Ability to support wide range of customer requirements with comprehensive quality control metrics
    1. Include all the CIE recommended LED illuminants
    2. Comprehensive color standard libraries and the ability to add multiple encrypted libraries ensures flexibility in color evaluation

Remember, Datacolor Tools is fully backward compatible and can seamlessly integrate with Datacolor formulation software, so you can transition smoothly to the new version.

Not sure what version of Datacolor Tools you have? Fill out the form and our applications specialists will be glad to help you out.