The 3 Biggest Reasons Customers Upgrade their Color Matching Software

Your color matching and quality control software are mission-critical for your business. You rely on it daily to match, formulate, and correct recipes, and to analyze and communicate color information throughout your supply chain.

So, it is understandable that you may not want to take the time out of your production cycle to upgrade the software. But don’t put the update off. Software upgrades are important to the overall efficiency of your operation.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s time to upgrade your outdated software:

  1. The cost of not upgrading is just too high

    While you are holding on to the older version of Datacolor software running on an outdated Windows platform, your IT department is left to manage the risks of running EOL (end-of-life) software:

    • Security vulnerabilities - No more security fixes being issued by Microsoft means older Windows servers are full of security hazards.
    • Higher operating costs - The costs of maintaining and bug-fixing any post-EOL software can be steep.
    • Poor performance and reliability - Your out-of-date software will not be able to keep up with newer computing technology and is no longer being supported by our experts. If you experience any kind of IT outage, data will be lost, productivity will be reduced, and the downtime alone could be more costly than an overdue upgrade.

Contact your Datacolor representative to discuss how we can help you transition to the latest tool you deserve.

  1. New releases are packed with enhancements that bring efficiency and help you to get things done faster

    These often come in the form of new features and/or user interface enhancements. Here is just a highlight of the new features in the latest color matching and quality control software:

    Match Pigment 4.x Match Textile 2.x Tools 2.x
    Uniform, modern and editable user interface enhancements reduce matching preparation time Formulation optimization enhancements reduce dyestuff expenses and improve match quality Modern user interface is easy to use with more ways to visualize and analyze the data, and even customize the desktop to suit your individual workflow
    Automation eliminates manual process and reduces queue preparation and matching time Intuitive user interface and tips of the day allow for faster access to your most used functionalities, which results in improved productivity Complete with all the CIE recommended LED illuminants as well as the ability to add customer-specific illuminants
    New Gamut mapping graphically represents the possibility to match a color with selected pigments User-defined recipe status and powerful search routine maximizes the value of the recipe archive and reduces the need to start formulation from scratch Comprehensive color standard libraries with option to add custom libraries
    Learn more about Datacolor Match Pigment Learn more about Datacolor Match Textile Learn more about Datacolor Tools
  2. The cost of an upgrade is a lot less than you think

    Datacolor believes the importance of software upgrades is something you cannot and shouldn’t ignore. For a limited time, we are offering special discount price when you upgrade your older Datacolor software.