There’s no way around it: the stakes are high in the apparel industry right now.

Whether you’re a mill in Thailand or a brand headquartered in New York City, the pressure to cut costs and speed up production is heard loud and clear. You may not realize it, but color plays a tremendous role in speed to market and you know that speed to market and cost savings go hand-in hand.

We put together this magazine to help you gain a better understanding of color and to consider new ways to move faster and spend less while still delivering on quality expectations.

What’s in the magazine

Color 101
  • Why color causes so many disagreements
  • Medication? Mood? These unexpected things impact your color perception

Color in the textile industry
  • From inspiration to reality: Color’s role in textile production
  • Ask the Apparel Brands: “Is color a top priority at your company?”
  • Ask the Apparel Brands: “What are your biggest roadblocks to on-time production?”

Actionable advice
  • Tackling challenges: How the color approval process is hindering speed to market
  • Counteracting rising costs with digital color measurement
  • Analysis: “McKinsey’s Measuring the Fashion World” Report

Check out a sample of the magazine here, if you like what you see, fill out the short form below to download the entire magazine.